The important of Google AdWords to your Marketing Mix

Many people argue that when you get long-term, organic SEO traffic, you don’t really need to use AdWords. However, this is entirely a wrong approach for many reasons. Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) may seem like they are each other’s archnemeses. Yet, they actually complement each other in various ways.

For example, AdWords can be profitable when used to gain valuable keyword data during SEO implementation. Alternatively, during AdWord building, SEO is an incredible tool to create authentic remarketing lists. And that’s not even half of it.

In this article, we are going todiscuss the important of Google AdWords to your Marketing Mix.

1.          Social Extensions

Social extensions on your AdWord campaigns can increase the click-through rate or CTR of your website by 20 percent. Combining the traffic driven through PPC to your Google+ Page with the credible SEO one built via sharing quality content on the same social extensions, your marketing team will be able to build a profitable advert campaign.

2.          Geographic Data

Narrowing down the SEO traffic and conversions to the geographic data in Google Analytics is another comprehensive and profitable marketing strategy. AdWords Enhanced Campaigns can help you gauge what geographical area your ‘authentic’ traffic is coming from and devise a campaign to be more aggressive in that market.

3.          Third-party Sitelink Extensions

AdWords sitelinks can increase SEO by pointing visitors to third-party websites like Google+, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. More exposure means more traffic and the consequential growth of the brand. The best thing about AdWord is that its profits are measurable, and you will know just how much of an increase in the budget you need for a higher ROI.

4.          Site Speed

Slow pages on your website can seriously hinder the growth of your brand. AdWords and SEO both cross-influence each other when it comes to the speed of your website, impacting not just the quality score but also cost per click.

5.          Landing Pages

A good landing page will improve your AdWords Quality Score, your ad ranking, and decrease your cost per click rate –and SEO is very important for creating a great landing page. SEO helps you make unique, relevant content with image and meta tags, a clear navigation and a call to action –all of which will eventually land you a good PPC score.

6.          Keyword Research

Keywords are the one main thing in common between AdWords and SEO. SEO uses AdWords results to pick the best keywords. Conversely, AdWords can use the Google Analytics SEO tool to target new keywords in their paid campaigns.

In Conclusion

AdWords are not competitors, but two of the most powerful tools available in the realm of digital marketing. If you have the budget for it, the best strategy for marketing is SEO and AdWords, both.

AdWords can get you started on the traffic while you work on getting organic, non-paid traffic via an effective content marketing plan, social media campaigns and social networks. SEO can help you cement and convert the traffic gained by AdWords.