GilroyWebDesign created a fantastic website for our small business (silvacc.com). We are located in downtown Morgan Hill, so it was convenient to have Cesar nearby to run things by and meet up when needed. Although the process took a while, it was well worth it and Cesar and his team were responsive to every idea and fix we requested. The overall experience was a bit more tedious than we had originally anticipated (about 6 months from start to finish). The website formats offered to us were based off of templates, which made things simple, however it left very little room for creativity. That would be the one draw back. Cesar’s team welcomed our responses to content and template layouts, however we felt like the creativity and the ideas to set our company apart was left up to us, and that can feel like a big burden when website design is not something you are familiar with. That said, we managed to collaborate on a great website that represents our company well and we believe will stand the test of time. We would recommend GilroyWebDesign as a reasonably priced and quality web development company.