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Frequently Asked Questions

A Typical project will take approximately five to ten business days to complete. Please note that; the actual time could vary depending on the size of the project and,  how fast we receive content or feedback from the client.

The client is responsible for providing the content. However, the project scope, cost & budget can be revised if requested, to include a content writer.

We do require a 50% deposit to cover our initial costs to start any projects. The final 50% final payment is not due until the website project is completed.

We use WordPress Framework which allows anyone with little or no technical skills to manage their own content. With that said, if needed the client can also hire us to maintain their website content if they opt to do that.

Yes, absolutely. We have many clients who are in our Total Care Plan but, they keep their email accounts with their original email providers. We point the MX records to their original email providers. We do this all the time.

The price will vary based on the project requirements, complexity, and the level of customization that is required.  We do a discovery chat with all our prospective clients to discuss their project requirements,  Please call us at (408)843-8921 or submit a Quote Request

It’s entirely up to your discretion who will host your website. If you do decide to let us host your website, we do have a Concierge Total Care Plan that is extremely popular with our Small Business owners, for it allows them to focus on running their business while we take care of their website needs.

We do accept Checks, Credit Cards, Pay Pal, Stripe, Cash, Venmo &  Zelle

If you are ready to start your project. we would convert your estimate into an invoice and send it to you so that, you can make the required 50% deposit to cover our initial costs.  At this point, we have officially started to work on your project. Please call (408)843-8921 or Request a Quote today.

Yes, Absolutely.  We will keep you informed of every stage of the project development. Keeping our clients informed, it’s an integral part of our project Management best practices.